Tax Resolution Services We Offer

tax resolution services

Owing the IRS money is a serious issue, but it’s no cause for panic. Here at Ronald S Norris CPA, we are competent IRS tax resolution specialists ready to communicate with the IRS on your behalf to resolve your tax problems.

Whether it’s unfiled tax returns, unpaid back taxes, levies, fraud, evasion, or liens, our Alpharetta CPA team can help. Even if you’re in a repayment agreement and cannot meet that obligation, there is a solution for you, and we can work with the IRS to find it. As tax resolution specialists, we can help you determine the optimal solution to your issues. For example, we have assisted clients in setting up installment agreements, requesting penalty abatement, and helped them submit an offer in compromise.

Our IRS Tax Resolution Services

Whatever tax issue you need to be resolved, give us a call today at 470-939-8471 or schedule a free consultation online to get your tax issues under control for good.